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Team Soul Podcast

Apr 25, 2019

Welcome to episode 4 of Beats and Breakdowns, the bi-weekly music podcast from the Team Soul podcast network.

In this episode, we discuss all things 90s punk rock, the big punk labels of the time, the South Florida punk scene, the upcoming Avail reunion, Jando’s battle to get a shirt he ordered through the mail and...

Apr 20, 2019

On this weeks episode, we dive into age and sports. The boys sit down and talk about our younger years and what sports we played growing up and how that lead us to where we are today. We also discuss training age vs actual age and how the two relate to each other, programming for masters vs younger athletes, and more.

Apr 12, 2019

WE'RE BACK! No, like for real this time! And we’ve got a new permanent addition to the show! In order to continue to bring you guys the absolute best podcast we can, we had to get some outside help. Jorge has been a long time client and friend and has been a previous guest on the show with his husband David...